SEED3 - Heroes in time

SEED3 - Heroes in time

★ Introduction of GameThird volume of Se
Version: v1.0.7
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Description of SEED3 - Heroes in time

★ Introduction of GameThird volume of Seed Series (Seed 3) with record of 1 million downloads all over the world has been released. Mikhail, a new hero, appears. The story begins from Mashima Kingdom existing at the opposite side of Khalikuf continent whish was the central place for volume 1 & 2. It depends on your choice and decision whether the hero, Makhail, can fight on against his fate. ★ Characteristics of Game1. 4 distinctive occupations system4 kinds of distinctive occupations such as knight, warrior, archer and wizard can be selected and a unique combat system per occupation can be experienced. 2. Excellent feeling of blow and action5 kinds of buff skills and more than 24 kinds of attack and defense skills can be used, and the splendid presentation of each skill offers a lively compulsive viewing combat even for a moment. The new conceptual runaway mode is an important technique to attempt a dramatic reversal. 3. Various game systemsBy realizing various game systems such as naval combat, arena, dragon race, etc., it satisfies the user’s various requirements and doubles the fun of game with getting out of the repeated monster hunting. 4. Various types of questsBy pursuing variety in the composition of quests such as subjugation of monster, collection, transfer, protection major NPC, guard, rescue, naval combat, battle with invading into the ship, strengthening of equipment, etc., it is composed in order for the user to feel a new fun as the user repeat the game. 5. More advanced clothing system?The unique clothes are provided for each of all equipment items, so the appearance of character is changed according to the item to be worn. Try to create your own beautiful character with the more advanced clothing system.6. Possible to continue game by three roundsIt is possible to enjoy plays by three rounds with succession of the ability values and items after ending a game. 7. Network storage and tradingTry to deposit items or trade them with other users through network in the system menu.8. Strange DungeonIt can be entered through NPC of arena manager in the village and high level of equipment can be obtained. TAG : SEED, RPG, CH, FANTASY, DUNGEON
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