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Catch My Berry

How good are you at solving puzzles? Its
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Description of Catch My Berry

How good are you at solving puzzles? Its easy to find out by installing Catch My Berry, a physics puzzle game with hundreds of levels featuring a cute monster-mop that lost all his delicious treats. Embark on a beautiful adventure and help Ogi Tak catch the candy-like berries sprinkled over 3 fantastic worlds.Put your mind to the test and solve each puzzle to uncover great surprises, big adventures and tricky challenges! Each new level brings a puzzle thats incrementally more difficult, so the more you play the tougher the challenges. Connect Ogi Tak with ropes that help him swing and cut it when you want to release him towards the delicious treat. Use dozens of other elements to collect all the stars.Main Features:? Hundreds of physics puzzles. Travel with Ogi Tak from the dangerous Jungle, to the arid Desert and ultimately the Arctic in his quest to collect all his precious strawberries. 100+ tricky physics puzzles await a sharp mind such as yours to solve them. Main goal in each level is to catch the candy-like strawberries but if you collect all 3 stars in a level you will unlock hidden puzzles. To clear a level, youll need to connect Ogi Tak with ropes and cut them, have him swing his way around until he reaches all collectibles. Are you ready for countless hours of adventurous puzzle solving?? Discover puzzling contraptions. Collecting the delicious fruits & advancing to the next puzzle is not always that difficult, but achieving 3-star mastery requires some strong puzzle-solving skills. You will discover more than 20 tricky puzzle elements that you must use correctly to solve the challenges. Use ropes, bombs or moving elements plus many more intricate mechanisms to understand and use correctly.? Incredibly vivid graphics. Aside its addictive physics puzzle gameplay, Catch My Berry has amazing graphics that will captivate eyes of all ages. From carefully crafted worlds, to fluid animations and realistic physics accompanied by a perfect soundtrack, youre in for a joyous adventure. Youll also love the cut scenes where our cute monster-mop Ogi Tak is the main protagonist. Just watch the game trailer for a glimpse.? Create your own cute monster. Ogi Tak is an adorable mop monster that will make you say Awwww every time you see him in cut scenes or action. Using the hard earned coins, youll be able to create the perfect outfit for him. Choose whatever you like from dozens of hats, coats and even grow moustaches. Ogi Tak doesnt mind, hes actually ecstatic when you have fun solving puzzles.? Hints & collectable items. A bit of warning, some puzzles are extremely difficult and thats why you can use hints to advance. Whenever youre stuck collecting stars or the delicious treat use a hint to overcome the obstacle. Collect firework rockets along the way to get extra points. If youre keen enough, youll also discover Easter Eggs with surprises.? Achievements & leaderboard. While this game is fun playing alone, it gets truly addictive when you play it with friends. Challenge your friends to see whos better at solving physics puzzles. Youll even see photos of your friends on the map as they reach a certain milestone. One more reason to collect the most points and achievements to reach the top of the leaderboards and share screenshots with your accomplishments.? Cloud synchronization. You can play Catch My Berry on any of your devices. Just enable cloud sync and your game progress will be saved and shared on all your devices.Start your fruity adventure today with Catch My Berry and challenge your friends to see who can advance farther in Ogi Taks puzzling quest.
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