Sniper Assassin

Sniper Assassin

FPS- Crime City Survival CombatYou are a
Version: v1.1
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Description of Sniper Assassin

FPS- Crime City Survival CombatYou are a zombie attack after cities, surviving military Hitman Special Forces soldiers. In the city was destroyed after finding the rest of the powerful firearms, you will rely on these weapons and precision sniper skills, recapture the town attacked by zombies. Zombie-depth probing field, at night in the assassin attack on zombies in the dark with a flashlight to light, carefully look around to find and identify targets. Take a deep breath ... humiliate pulled the trigger, kill zombies enemy now Zombie Hunters Killers infiltrate warrior Counter Strike Exciting atmosphere- FPS First-person Action shooter game.- Great 3D images.- Free running mode of operation- Memorable shot lens.- Multiple weapon of choiceLethal Weapon- Will greatly enhance the firepower of many types of weapons:+ Sniper + MP5+ Shotgun + MP4 + AK47+ M1911
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2015-6-25 12:45:00
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