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KakaoT innovates our lives to become mor
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Description of Kakao T - Taxi Driver Bike App Download

KakaoT innovates our lives to become more comfortable, fun, and valuable without any concerns on mobility. These services are located on different tabs such as the 'Home' tab that consists of the main and new services, 'MyCar' tab that focuses on car driving and maintenance services for car owners, and the 'Travel' tab that provides all services needed for long-distance travels.KakaoT Taxi, a fast and reliable mobility service, allows users to request a taxi anytime, anywhere in Korea. Users can choose from a wide selection of Blue/Venti/Deluxe/Black taxis for their convenience. For a more fun and eco-friendly way to explore the city, users can try KakaoTBike and get anywhere faster and easier with bikes and e-bikes. They can also search and use scooters on the same map and return them to any open spot.For those who prefer a data-based chauffeur service, they can request a driver on the KakaoT app. They can call a Premium Driver who pays full attention to even the smallest detail. Meanwhile, the effortless parking service offers streamlined operations from searching parking lots to processing payments. The availability prediction for parking lots will free users from concerns about parking.KakaoT also offers booking services for buses, trains, and flights. Users can input their destination and enjoy a streamlined booking and payment flow. Train schedules are available for all trains, while the booking service is only for KTX (Korail) trains. The flight booking service is available for both domestic and international flights. For reliable rent cars, KakaoT offers easy booking and payment flow, and the car is delivered and returned to the preferred location (except for Jeju Island).The easiest way for quick or express/parcel delivery is also offered through the KakaoT app. Users can register conveniently and request delivery at their time of request, at an affordable price range. For pet owners, KakaoTPet offers a ride-along with specially certified petmates (drivers) available only in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon.For car owners looking for services related to driving, parking, and maintenance, the 'MyCar' tab offers incredibly fast directions using real-time traffic information. Users can request car wash and maintenance services at their time and place of request. The Smart Valet service is also available without cash or waiting through the KakaoNavi app. Users can also check their car information and price for sale.For those who need a transportation service for business, KakaoT Business offers taxi, driver, and commuter shuttle services. Easy and smart requests for quick or express/parcel deliveries are also available.Users may allow certain permissions to use the KakaoT services seamlessly. These permissions are divided into two categories - required and optional. Location is used for setting up pick-up points and destinations, while notification is the necessary authority to receive various notifications provided by KakaoT. Mic is used for setting up pick-up points and destinations based on voice recognition. Camera is used for recognizing QR codes and customer complaints, while the album is used for saving receipts that may be issued separately after a customer uses the service. Bluetooth is used for connecting a mobile phone and a bike when a customer uses the bike service. Finally, contact will be used as the telephone information when users request a product.
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