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You can watch as much as you want on YOU
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Description of YouKu app

You can watch as much as you want on YOUKU! This platform offers a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, anime, and more, all with subtitles in your chosen language. Enjoy your viewing experience! As a premier video streaming provider in China, this platform showcases top-rated Chinese dramas, movies, comics, shows, and documentaries. Enjoy the best of Chinese entertainment and culture all in one place. The Youku Android app is compatible with Android phones and tablets, allowing you to download your favorite videos (excluding VIP-only content) and watch them at your convenience, even when offline. With up to 2.0x playback speed, enjoy seamless viewing on your Android devices, no matter where you are. Exciting news for Youku fans outside of mainland China: the Youku International app is finally available for download! Simply search for youkuvideo in PLAY and join memberships to access full episodes with multiple subtitles. Start enjoying your favorite Chinese dramas, movies, and shows from anywhere in the world. Explore a collection of top-rated, free Android apps on this platform. With over 10,000 downloads per week, the Youku for Pad app is a popular choice among users. Originally released on March 24th, 2013, this app is both entertaining and functional. Before using, be sure to check that you have the latest version installed. This application, developed by Youku for Android devices, utilizes an extensive collection of online video content and special technical features unique to Youku. Users can easily browse millions of videos, ranging from user-generated content to copyright-protected content like movies, TV shows, cartoons, and MTV. Specifically designed for Android tablet users, the application's user interface is optimized for touchscreens, improving the overall user experience with smoother navigation.
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