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  1. Karate Dale

    Karate Dale v1.1 StarStarStar
    Tap anywhere to attack, tap on upgrades and attack as fast as you can tap! Use your cash at the end of each round to upgrade dales skills, and kill mo...

  2. Super Bit Adventure

    Super Bit Adventure v1.2 StarStarStar
    Super Bit Adventure is a retro dungeon crawler that is inspired from various old school role playing games....

  3. Tiny Cave Jump

    Tiny Cave Jump v1.0 StarStarStar
    The caves can be a dangerous place. Especially if you are all alone in there. You would want to run out of there as soon as possible, wouldn’t you? Th...

  4. Bridgefall

    Bridgefall v1.3.4 StarStarStar
    They shall not pass the idge! Bridgefall is a funny, challenging and addictive after all what is way to shoot down anyone who dares pass thouth your i...

  5. Deluxe Lightning Dodge

    Deluxe Lightning Dodge v1.6 StarStarStar
    BEWARE, EXTREMELY HARD NEARLY IMPOSSIBLEThe game is extremely hard and will make you rage quit it. This is your warning.Zeus are really mad at Hercule...

  6. Castle Of Fury

    Castle Of Fury v1.0 StarStarStar
    Defend your castle from hordes of enemies in this amazing Action Game!- Collect All Weapons!- Collect All Armors!- Collect All Shields!- Collect All H...

  7. Rocket Ski Racing

    Rocket Ski Racing v1.0.1 StarStarStar
    Rocket Ski Racing is a high speed, high score racer!Boosts your way through 24 races. Watch out for blocks of ice and the edge of the track or youll e...

  8. Baller Legends

    Baller Legends v1.0.7 StarStarStarStar
    Can you feel the sweat pouring down your face as you fly through the air and slam dunk? Baller Legends lets you live out your sports fantasies and bec...

  9. Block Party Sports

    Block Party Sports v1.0 StarStarStar
    Chase the ball and score HUGE goals across a variety of sports games. Choose from soccer, super soccer, outlast, boulder dodge, basketball, football, ...

  10. Craft Digger Moon

    Craft Digger Moon v2.1 StarStarStar
    2016. Earthlings share resources on their planet, the aliens meanwhile extract minerals on the moon. Be one of the miners of mineral resources, linked...

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