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BUS PARKING v1.0 StarStarStar
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Game description: Nowadays all the world or almost can drive a car to provided of course to hold a drivers licence in due form, thereby driving cars becomes childs play, but what vehicles longer as buses? Discover an unprecedented experience by putting you behind the wheel in this simulation of bus driving. Learn the basics of driving and long vehicle parking and manoeuvres which are simple drive and become considerably more complicated when it comes to park your bus. In HD BUS PARKING discover splendid 3D HD graphics and rub you long vehicle parking difficulties. HD Bus parking contains quite a lot of ingredients to get completely addicted and one would be surprised if you were trying to pass allowed vote BUS after that :) You can try to park any vehicle: truck, aircraft, tractor, bus will always remain one of the vehicles the most fun to park.

Game features: -20 levels with difficulty progressive - different situations of Parking with your bus (niche, storage in battle) - multiple cameras to better understand how best to park your bus - graphics HD (same on older phones) -two control modes: accelerometer or touch control - possibility to improve your score

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